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Christine Berghoef

Founder & CEO

Combining her degree in political science with her seminary training, Christine has been actively passionate about and involved in the intersection of faith and politics for several years. She is an experienced educator in civil discourse.

Her vision for the Institute of Faith, Justice and Dialogue was birthed out of experience consulting for The Faith & Politics Institute in Washington, D.C. It was here that she first became aware of the critical importance of civil discourse, and how to train others to encounter those whom they disagree with in a more respectful way—in the other.

Christine is a writer, speaker and collaborator who has a passion for helping individuals, schools, churches and organizations participate in Jesus’ vision of compassion and justice. She is experienced in community organizing, teacher training, guiding students through educational experiences and building bridges across divides.

Bryan Berghoef


Bryan is a pastor, author and speaker who has been facilitating open conversations in the setting of a neighborhood gathering spot for nearly a decade. Bryan is passionate about making connections between people who see the world differently, with the goal of learning from each other and recognizing our common humanity. His strives to bridge the depth of the contemplative inner life with the outward practice of working for justice and peace.