History Trips

civil_rights_nowA well-planned educational trip is a unique opportunity to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting. All the senses come into play: sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste. Geography matters. Place matters.

At the Institute of Faith, Justice and Dialogue we believe that we have a responsibility to listen to the voices of those who have been oppressed throughout our nation’s history. These are the ones our text books largely ignore, but they are part of our identity.

There is power in encountering these voices and realities. In so doing we develop a greater awareness of where our country has been, where we are and how we can impact the direction we are headed.  Understanding realities of the past gives us a deeper sense of context for some of the tensions that exist and are on the rise between various people groups today. In order to meaningfully engage these current issues, it is important that we have a greater knowledge of the past.

The Institute of Faith, Justice & Dialogue has a team of knowledgeable educators who are trained to lead you on a variety of trips through history. These experiences become powerful windows into fostering deeper understanding and meaningful response.

While we facilitate the experience, we do not believe in telling you what to think about these complicated issues and often pain-filled events. Rather, our facilitators are uniquely trained to ask questions, encourage dialogue and give space for each person to process the things they experience both on their own and together in community.

While we are a faith-based organization, these trips are available to public schools as well. It’s the same trip, but with a different approach to talking about it.

A Journey Through African American History (currently booking!)

civil-rights11-slideWe currently offer a seven-day trip that travels through history as experienced through the eyes of the African American. Participants will start their learning experience with the Middle Passage. From there they will travel through slavery on the plantation, the Civil War, The Civil Rights Movement and beyond. Geographically, this trip takes us through Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia.

Objectives for this history trip include:

  • Educate, encourage and inspire while creating deeper awareness and a commitment toward racial reconciliation.
  • Teaching participants how to creatively learn about and engage lasting impacts of various events of our history.
  • Deepen understanding and appreciation of the spiritual and political dynamics of love and forgiveness.
  • Enhance knowledge of North American and United States history with regard to slavery, economics, and the ongoing legacy of those complex beginnings.

There are three questions through which we like to frame our discussions with participants, throughout the experience.

What do you see? During each experience we encourage the participants to be observant to the voices, the faces and realities of their surroundings.

What do you think? In light of what they have seen, we give space for you to express what you think about it. How does this make you feel? Was it right, wrong or both? Where do you think you would have stood had you been around in that time and place?

What do you do? After seeing and processing, is there something you feel compelled to do today? Is there anything you can do? Is there still a need for forgiveness and reconciliation?

Contact us at info@faithjusticedialogue.org to inquire about booking your trip.

A Journey Through Native American History (coming soon!)

This trip is still in the development stage.