The Institute for Faith, Justice & Dialogue was borne out of a desire to expand our understanding through considering the perspective of the other and to learn to meaningfully engage them. We have created opportunities to learn, to experience, to grow and to do.

There is a growing desire within students, followers of Jesus, and churches to learn to engage our pluralistic society in a meaningful way. There is an increasing longing to learn from others whose lives have been shaped differently– whether by race, ethnicity, economics, religion or geography.

In order to work together to build a world that is more just, loving and compassionate, we must learn to consider a variety of perspectives, implications and deepen our understanding of such things. We must learn to hear the story of the other and approach them with both humility and grace.

Our objective is to encourage dialogue that is both loving and informed. Such dialogue generates greater understanding of the other. Greater understanding of the other leads to building a more just world. And we believe a more just world is a desire close to God’s own heart.